March 11th, 2014 12:50pm

Disappear From View

Coldplay “Magic”

The interesting thing about Coldplay’s new songs isn’t so much that they’ve moved away from their “U2 Jr.” style so much as dropping that earnest arena rock vibe has revealed the core of their music since day one: They excel at writing romantic songs. Chris Martin is all about passionate Hollywood-style romance, and while that can be cheesy, he knows exactly how to make an audience swoooooooon and does it without any shame. “Magic” is a lot more stark and restrained than a typical Coldplay song, but it’s a heart melter, and approaches a very adult sort of love and commitment without making it seem at all dull or unsexy. Martin seems very confident here – not in a swaggering way, but in a “this is who I am and I’m happy with that” way. He also sounds like a guy who has written enough arena-sized hits that he doesn’t really need to write more of them.

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