March 10th, 2014 12:49pm

I Wanna Be On Your Mind

Lydia Loveless “To Love Somebody”

I really don’t mean to diminish Lydia Loveless as a singer or as an artist, but it’s almost impossible for me to listen to her new record without thinking “wow, this sounds exactly like if Stevie Nicks made an alt-country album.” The vocal similarity is striking, though she sings with a force that comes a bit closer to Neko Case or Miranda Lambert. This is all a very, very good thing, obviously – Loveless’ performances are full of emotion and grit, and even if her voice resembles more famous singers, she comes off as a very vibrant and dynamic person. “To Love Somebody” leans more to the rock side of “country rock” with that big chunky riff at the center of it, but Loveless’ voice bridges the gap – brassy, but incredibly plaintive.

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