March 13th, 2014 1:24pm

Do It Just For Fun

Skrillex with Diplo featuring G-Dragon and CL “Dirty Love”

“Dirty Vibe” delivers on the promise of its components – frantic Diplo club beats, the maniacal energy of Skrillex, and skewed K-Pop rapping from G-Dragon and CL. It is wonderful and hyperactive to the extreme, and it’s basically a club rap track that is moving so fast it feels like it might collapse or disintegrate at any moment. I’m particularly interested in G-Dragon and CL’s performances here – as far as I’m aware, this is the first time they’ve rapped entirely in English specifically for an Anglo audience. Both of them sound great, but rapping in English makes it easier to hear just how much they rely on pastiche, or their interpretation of what American rap sounds like to their ears. G-Dragon can’t help but seem like a weirdo even with this handicap, but CL ends up sounding a LOT like late ’90s Lil Kim. But that’s also totally awesome? I’d really like for both of them to play around with this more; I’d particularly like G-Dragon to become a name in the US if just because we need more flamboyant dandy pop stars.

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