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The celebration of the 10th anniversary of this site continues on with this collection of the best and most notable music of 2005. I went into this with the nagging thought that 2005 was kind of a so-so year, but this project has a way of proving to me that every year overflows with excellent music, it’s just the narrative that forms around it that is either inspiring or demoralizing, depending on your point of view. Anyone who can correctly identify the songs I slipped in that really should’ve been in the previous year and the one song I realized too late should’ve been in the 2006 mix gets a No-Prize. Here’s a Spotify playlist featuring most of the survey, courtesy of Sarah Peters.

The survey mixes for 2002, 2003, 2004, 2010 and 2011 are still up. Check in on June 1st for a look back on 2006.

Also, out of curiosity, I would love to know what you are discovering or rediscovering in this or previous mixes. Please tell me in the comments or email me!


Sleater-Kinney “The Fox” / Goldfrapp “Ride A White Horse” / Maxi Geil & Playcolt “Making Love in the Sunshine” / Amerie “1 Thing” / Girls Aloud “Biology” / The New Pornographers “Sing Me Spanish Techno” / Electric Six “Future Is In the Future” / M.I.A. “10 Dollar” / Beyoncé featuring Slim Thug “Check On It” / Four Tet “Smile Around the Face” / Celebration “China” / Vitalic “My Friend Dario” / Broadcast “Michael A Grammar” / Three 6 Mafia “Stay Fly” / Portobella “Vive La Difference” / Beck “Missing” / Jenny Wilson “Love Ain’t Just A Four Letter Word” / Jamie Lidell “Multiply” / Kanye West “Gone”


Fiona Apple “Extraordinary Machine” / The White Stripes “My Doorbell” / Stephen Malkmus “Malediction” / Hank “Ferox” / Bunky “Chuy” / Sugababes “Push the Button” / The Game and 50 Cent “Hate It Or Love It” / Mariah Carey “We Belong Together” / Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings “How Long Do I Have to Wait for You?” / Captain Comatose “To My Song” / Love Is All “Felt Tip” / A Frames “Black Forrest II” / Edan “Fumbling Over Words That Rhyme” / Scenario Rock “Skitzo Dancer (Justice Remix)” / Crime Mob “Knuck If You Buck” / The Rogers Sisters “Fantasies Are Nice” / Tender Trap “That Girl” / Weezer “Perfect Situation” / Nathalie Nordnes “Cars and Boys” / Lady Sovereign “Random” / Madonna “Hung Up”


Spoon “The Beast and Dragon, Adored” / The Russian Futurists “Our Pen’s Out of Ink” / Lilys “A Diana’s Diana” / Mike Jones, Slim Thug and Paul Wall “Still Tippin'” / Clipse “Zen” / Metronomy “Trick or Treatz” / My Morning Jacket “Wordless Chorus” / Dirty Projectors “Tour Along the Potomac” / Mary Timony “Friend to J.C.” / Busdriver “Lefty’s Lament” / Jenny Lewis “Born Secular” / Peter, Bjorn and John “Money” / The Pipettes “Dirty Mind” / Lil Wayne “Hustler Musik” / Young Jeezy “My Hood” / Caribou “Bees” / Dr. Dog “The World May Never Know” / The MFA “The Difference It Makes (Superpitcher Remix)”


The Kills “No Wow” / Giant Drag “You Fuck Like My Dad” / Isolée “Schrapnell” / The Fall “Midnight Aspen” / Stereolab “Interlock” / Populous featuring Dose One “My Winter Vacation” / The Kings of Convenience “I’d Rather Dance with You” / Electrelane “Bells” / Faunts “Memories of Places We’ve Never Been” / Boards of Canada “Chromakey Dreamcoat” / Antony and the Johnsons “Hope There’s Someone” / Feist “Let It Die” / Mountain Goats “Dance Music” / Oasis “Lyla” / Daddy Yankee “Gasolina” / Róisín Murphy “Ramalama (Bang Bang)” / Paul Wall and Mike Jones “They Don’t Know” / Tom Zé “Ave Dor Maria” / Architecture in Helsinki “Do the Whirlwind” / Plastic Operator “Folder”


Fall Out Boy “Sugar, We’re Going Down” / Robyn “Be Mine!” / Metric “The Police and the Private” / The Long Blondes “Separated by Motorways” / Daft Punk “Robot Rock” / Mahjongg “Vaxination” / Animal Collective “Grass” / Hauschka “Two Stones” / John Vanderslice “crc7173, Affectionately” / Field Music “You Can Decide” / New Order “Krafty” / Death Cab for Cutie “Crooked Teeth” / The Fiery Furnaces “Evergreen” / Tegan and Sara “Walking With A Ghost” / Gorillaz “Feel Good Inc.” / Nine Inch Nails “Only” / Missy Elliott “Can’t Stop” / Broken Social Scene “Ibi Dreams of Pavement” / Lemon Party “Spalding Grey Is Missing” / Edie Sedgwick “Sigourney Weaver” / Foo Fighters “Best of You” / Bright Eyes “First Day of My Life”


LCD Soundsystem “Daft Punk Is Playing At My House” / Spektrum “May Day” / Haunted House “Dramatic Beach House” / Vanessinha & Alessandra “Gira” / of Montreal “Wraith Pinned to the Mist and Other Games” / Kevin Blechdom “Invisible Rock” / Tiger Tunes “Kirsten Is A Fuck Machine” / Queens of Noize “Indie Boys (Don’t Deserve It)” / Art Brut “Good Weekend” / Basement Jaxx “Oh My Gosh” / Rihanna “Pon de Replay” / Deerhoof “Wrong Time Capsule” / Wir Sind Helden “Nur Ein Wort” / The Rosebuds “Blue Bird” / Slow Dazzle “Fleur de Lie” / Beanie Sigel featuring Redman “One Shot Deal” / DJ Quik featuring B-Real “Fandango” / The Oohlas “Small Parts” / Brakes “You’ll Always Have A Place to Stay” / Sufjan Stevens “Chicago” / Andrew Bird “A Nervous Tic Motion of the Head to the Left”


Gene Serene and John Downfall “I Can Do Anything” / Ladytron “Destroy Everything You Touch” / Out Hud “It’s for You” / Crossover “Apples On A Stick” / Fannypack “Seven One Eight” / R. Kelly “In the Kitchen (Remix)” / Avenue D “You Love This Ass” / Alan Astor “Dragons and Beasts” / Cadence Weapon “Oliver Square” / Enon “The Nightmares of Atomic Men” / Clor “Love + Pain” / The National “Lit Up” / Wolf Parade “Shine A Light” / Child Ballads “Cheekbone Hollows” / Chad Van Gaalen “Chronograph #1″ / Final Fantasy “This is the Dream of Win and Regine” / Au Revoir Simone “Back In Time” / M83 “Teen Angst” / Masha Qrella “My Day”


Franz Ferdinand “The Fallen” / Sons & Daughters “Taste the Last Girl” / Junior Senior “We R the Handclaps” / Rachel Stevens “I Said Never Again (But Here We Are)” / Rinocerose “Bitch” / Ol Dirty Bastard “Dirty Dirty” / Cassidy “Get ‘Em” / Weird War “See About Me” / James Rabbit “Spring Breakdown” / The Decemberists “16 Military Wives” / Liz Phair “Stars and Planets” / Clap Your Hands Say Yeah “In This Home On Ice” / The Hold Steady “Your Little Hoodrat Friend” / Robert Pollard “The Right Thing” / Carter, Chestnut, Jackson and Veal “Blue Hawaiian” / Devendra Banhart “I Feel Just Like A Child” / Kate Bush “King of the Mountain” / Magnétophone “…And May Your Last Words Be A Chance To Make Things Better” / Coldplay “Fix You”

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