July 1st, 2014 11:46am

You Came To Me In Truth

Slow Club “Suffering You, Suffering Me”

“Suffering You, Suffering Me” initially doesn’t seem to stray too far outside of Slow Club’s established comfort zone – sure, Rebecca Taylor’s voice is a bit more overtly “soul” than usual, but it’s more or less in the same sort of slow, melancholy space as much of their first album. But once it gets going, it shifts into a full-on Motown stomper, and she really cuts loose. I’ve written about how great Taylor is as a vocalist before, but her performances on Slow Club’s new record Complete Surrender are at a whole new level of confidence, and she’s learned to write to this strength pretty effortlessly. But you know, a lot of people can do a convincing R&B voice – the thing that really puts Taylor over the top is how she sings it all with this genuine wounded vulnerability that makes it seem like she could break into tears at any moment. There’s a real sense of urgency in her voice that keeps it from being just another “northern soul” pastiche.

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