July 9th, 2014 12:25pm

What That Means To Me

Caribou “Can’t Do Without You”

Dan Snaith is very good with using negative space in his music. On his last record as Caribou back in 2010, he seemed obsessed with the way bass notes reverberate in space, and every other sound in the mix existed in a direct orbital relationship to the bass groove. This time around, he’s switched that almost completely – there’s very little sense of center to “Can’t Do Without You.” It’s built on a repeated part, but it just sort of hangs in the air, and flows around through the space. At some points, the song changes shape if just to fill an implied void that’s opened up around some imaginary curve. It’s a very different sensation from what he was doing a few years ago, but there’s still this same feeling at the core of it. It’s like an echo.

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