June 2nd, 2014 1:05pm

Answer To The Call

Haunted Hearts “Initiate Me”

Dee Dee has been slowly shifting over the past few years from a more demure ’60s aesthetic to something more lurid and ’80s. Her new record as Haunted Hearts with her husband, Brandon Welchez, is the most overtly sexual record of her career. The lyrics are very clearly about S&M and kink, and it’s all filtered through this hazy, Cure-like atmosphere that’s both romantic and sorta sinister. I think this works really well for the both of them – it’s probably better that this is separate from the Dum Dum Girls catalog, though it’s definitely on a similar wavelength of tonality and musicality as their new record Too True. I like that as Dee Dee becomes more bold and open in her music, there’s still this quiet, shy quality to the music – this album in particular is a very introverted sort of sexuality.

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