May 12th, 2014 12:21pm

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Veruca Salt “It’s Holy”

Veruca Salt never really went away – though most of the band’s original lineup had departed by 1998, Louise Post essentially released a series of solo records under that name through the past decade. The original band is back together now, and they put out a new single a few weeks ago for Record Store Day. It’s not too special for ’90s bands to reunite now, so let’s get to the actually exciting news: Veruca Salt’s two new songs are both excellent, and it’s like they just snapped back into exactly what made them such a good, fun band in the mid-90s. Gordon and Post’s music on their own was never anything too special, but they clearly just have a real spark when they’re together. Creative chemistry is a weird and unpredictable thing, you know? The lyrics of “It’s Holy” seem to acknowledge this, both in terms of an excited “we’re back!” feeling, but also just being thrilled to reconnect with each other, and their inspiration. This doesn’t sound like an old band doing their old thing; this sounds very young and passionate to me.

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