May 19th, 2014 3:19am

The Beat Of My Heart Just Stops And Starts

Skrillex featuring Killagraham and Sam Dew “Stranger”

You might have an idea of what Skrillex’s music is like, and if you’re very dubious of him, it’s not flattering. And a lot of Skrillex’s music probably is something like what you have in mind – jock jams as remained by a punkish hacker kid – and, well, sorry, but that music is awesome and you’ll probably come around to noticing that at some point. But “Stranger,” one of the best songs on Skrillex’s new record, isn’t quite like those tracks. It’s much more of a pop song, and the mood is fairly chill. It reminds me a lot of those really hot summer days where the heat seems to make the whole world slow down, and every blast of air conditioning feels incredible. It doesn’t NOT sound like Skrillex – the lead keyboard sounds have the same signature tonal palette of his famous “drops,” but it has a different character here. Instead of feeling like a jolt of manic energy, it has a more smeared, psychedelic effect.

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