March 26th, 2014 12:18pm

That Talk Is Dangerous

Kylie Minogue “Sexy Love”

“Sexy Love” is such a Kylie Minogue song that when I first heard it, I thought she was literally recycling a riff from two albums ago. It’s hard to imagine anyone else performing this song, and the rest of the tracks on Kiss Me Once feel about the same – wheelhouse Kylie, with little variation and no surprises. This is good in that even if she’s working with a few dozen writers and producers, she has a very defined aesthetic, but it’s kinda bad in that I really like Kylie but find the record to be sort of a dull listen as a whole. It all just feels like something I’ve heard before, but not as compelling. “Sexy Love” is good enough to stand out as a quality pop tune, but it doesn’t quite stand up to stuff like “Wow,” “Love At First Sight,” and “Sweet Music” even if it has a lot of superficial similarities. I don’t think I’d really want Kylie to make an effort to sound un-Kylie, but I suppose I’d at least like the tonality of the track to not feel so familiar. Even just some subtle textural difference would go a long way towards making this feel like 2014 instead of 2003.

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