March 17th, 2014 3:09am

In Case You Didn’t Know

Saint Pepsi “Mr. Wonderful”

Saint Pepsi’s music always feels shiny and optimistic, like it’s coming to us from some other world that’s just far more chill than the one we’re in. I think you can definitely take this music at face value and embrace that relaxed, cheerful vibe, but the name “Saint Pepsi” suggests that there’s a bit of irony to it all, and it’s meant to evoke the idealized version of reality in advertising. And if that’s true, it doesn’t even have to be a critique of advertising – in a way, it’s more pointed if it’s just a reflection of a cultural desire to live in a perfect, comfortable, sexy world. You put on a Saint Pepsi track and you’re halfway there.

Buy it from Saint Pepsi’s Bandcamp page.

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