March 19th, 2014 12:24pm

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Liars “Mess On A Mission”

A funny thing about Liars is that while they are notable for changing their sound a lot from record to record, the structure of the songs themselves don’t change that much. They have very particular and identifiable melodies, rhythms, and cadences that they come back to over and over. This isn’t a bad thing at all – if anything, I really like those sounds, and enjoy the ways they keep finding ways to make them seem fresh. (They’re a lot like Clinic in this way.) “Mess On A Mission” is SUCH a Liars song, but at the same time, it doesn’t feel quite like anything else they’ve done. All the parts that might have come out very harsh or murky on previous Liars records are rendered very bright and bouncy on this track, which gives the song a very odd sort of intensity. It’s intentionally schizoid – the lyrics are all about false pretenses and separating fact from fiction, it’s all very confused – and the sound of it really puts you in the mind of someone who’s on edge and unsure of everything around them.

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