March 3rd, 2014 1:45pm

A Reflection In The Chrome

Real Estate “Had To Hear”

Real Estate didn’t change that much on their third album, but their music has come into a sharper focus: Suddenly the vocals are as crisp and assured as the clean, Peter Buck-ish guitar parts, and the lyrics articulate specific thoughts and feelings the band had previously let the music carry on its own. Martin Courtney’s lyrics are simple and direct, but leave a good amount of room for ambiguity. He always seems a bit ambivalent – about what’s going on in his life, where he is, how he feels. The in-between-ness suits Real Estate well; this is music for the times in your life where things basically seem ok but you’re confused by either feeling too much of some ill-defined emotion, or freaking out because you’re searching for a feeling and nothing seems to be there.

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