January 21st, 2014 3:59am

The Way To Sugar A Lie

Adult Jazz “Am Gone”

Adult Jazz is a self-deprecating name, I guess? Because this is certainly an adult type of pop music, and while it’s not jazz, the musicians are definitely invested in a balance of precise chops and loose, expressive performances. “Am Gone” reminds me a lot of Grizzly Bear – it’s there in the melodies and guitar tone, and in the way they let melodies and percussive sounds linger in the air. It’s a very beautiful song, but sort of hard to peg emotionally. Though that’s sort of the point – the lyrics are full of ambivalent phrases and questions, and the singer opens the song by telling you straight up that they have a history of running away from problems, but aren’t doing much better by taking a new approach as a “forgiver.”

Buy it from Bandcamp.

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