January 13th, 2014 1:24pm

I Was Just Getting Used To You

Places to Hide “Love Song”

This is such a totally unromantic love song, to the point that I assume the band knows this and the title is meant to be a little ironic. It’s not that there isn’t love in there somewhere, but that the singer is so confused and overwhelmed that every tentative step towards adulthood — thinking about paying off student loans, trying to have a serious girlfriend — has him stumbling around gracelessly. But it’s like this for most everyone – after all, it’s not as though anyone really shows you how to do any of this stuff right. This song works well mainly because it acknowledges the humor of this hapless dude while also honoring his feelings and understanding what it’s like to fuck up something you thought you were close to figuring out.

Buy it from Bandcamp.

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