December 2nd, 2013 1:22pm

Different And Special

Brown Eyed Girls “날아갈래” (I Want To Fly)

I suppose the best way I can describe this song is by asking this question: What if TLC were from the early to mid 80s, were waaaay more smooth, and all three of them sung and rapped in Korean? I have a decent idea of what this song is about from reading translations of the lyrics, but it’s sort of unnecessary – the melody and bounce of this is all you really need to dial into a very good and specific lovey-dovey feeling. This song may have the best chorus I can’t sing along to all year.

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Sophie “Bipp”

This is the ideal balance – a very accessible R&B/pop tune with a deeply weird arrangement in which all the music sounds like rubber getting pulled and shaped and bounced off the walls. I can imagine a more conventional remix of this blowing up, but I just want to live in a world where this original mix is what catches on. I am really down for this kind of weird rubbery sound – I genuinely adore this bizarre remix of Justin Bieber’s “Baby” – and I’d really like for this sort of sound to become a thing.

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