March 6th, 2013 3:54am

This Gentle Sting

Rhye “Open”

Mike Milosh’s voice is extremely feminine; I honestly would not know that he was male were it not for reading press about his album. It’s the main draw of Rhye – gentle, lulling, and overwhelmingly affectionate. It’s also weirdly numbing, like a powerful narcotic that puts a space between yourself and the world. And I assume that in this way they’re evoking an old Roxy Music idea – love is the drug – but sometimes it seems like the record is smothering you with its woozy warmth and aggressive tastefulness. I suppose it’s up to you to decide whether you’re into that – not much of this speaks to where I’m at personally, though “Open” is so gorgeous and sweet that I can’t help but crumble a bit every time I hear it.

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