February 14th, 2013 12:50pm

The Scriptures Foretell Of A Party In Hackney

Pulp “After You”

Jarvis Cocker has released some very good material on his own, but listening to this track – the only thing he has recorded with Pulp since about 2000 – you really hear how important the other members of the band were in terms of getting that proper Pulp vibe. I think the essence of it is just getting a precise balance of crisp, clean sound, and then implying a low-level filth. The best Pulp songs tend to sound both sordid and luxurious, like smut that’s meant to look classy. “After You” has that feeling for sure, and the lyrics follow suit, as Cocker narrates a night out that mingles utter banality with a yearning for utter depravity.

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