January 23rd, 2013 12:56pm

Like You’re Oh So Typical

Tegan & Sara “Closer”

Tegan & Sara have written a bunch of really sharp pop songs over the past decade, but this one sounds like the culmination of all time, effort, and creative and technical progress. This is just a wonderfully structured piece of pop songwriting – it piles hooks upon hooks, but with a lot of intelligence about pacing, dynamics, and surprise. The big cathartic moments feel both urgent and inevitable, even if you play the song on repeat and know exactly what’s coming, they hit you like “ahhh yes, thank you for doing that!” The culmination thing goes for the lyrics too – it can be tricky to make lyrics this direct in language and intention seem clever, but they pull it off, and successfully balance out the trappings of a a self-conscious mind with, quite plainly, raging horniness.

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