December 26th, 2012 12:36pm

Keep My Name Attached To Winning

Meyhem Lauren featuring AG Da Coroner, Action Bronson and Despot “Pan Seared Tilapia”

I would be perfectly happy if all rap was just emcees trading verses over a moody, subtly shifting beat. No choruses, no hooks, just rapping. This is mostly because Wu-Tang was my first great love in hip-hop, and remains the highest standard for rap to me. I can’t imagine it’s much different for Meyhem Lauren and his collaborators on this track. This sounds like the product of full-on worship of the Wu’s mid-90s material, especially RZA’s production on Only Built 4 Cuban Linx. Tommy Mas’ track is fantastic – gritty and stark, but flavored mostly by melodic samples that keep the mood playful, but a bit on edge. All four rappers do good work here, but I really like the bitter petulance in Despot’s voice on his verse.

Get the mixtape for free from DatPiff.

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