August 31st, 2012 7:26am

Rip Van Winkle In A Denim Miniskirt

Corin Tucker Band t”Groundhog Day”

I like Wild Flag, I do, but I can’t listen to them without yearning for Corin Tucker’s voice. Carrie Brownstein and Janet Weiss brought a lot of power to Sleater-Kinney, but Corin was the soul, and her mountain-blasting vocals gave the band its urgency and emotional potency. Tucker’s first solo record did little for me, but this cut from her forthcoming followup is exactly what I’ve been missing. “Groundhog Day” gives voice to her frustration with the state of feminism, and wondering why it seems as though there’s been almost no progress in the past decade. In a way, it’s a sequel to the All Hands on the Bad One track “#1 Must Have,” which had the same balance of disappointment and bleak wit, and similarly urged other women to take action. In both cases, it’s a song that does its best to shake the listener out of complacency, and remind them that you can’t rest on your laurels after a bit of incremental – or worse, purely superficial – progress.

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