August 27th, 2012 6:57am

Lay Lines Fat And Share A Feeling

Divine Fits “Would That Not Be Nice”

Britt Daniel and Dan Boechner are such fully formed artists that it’s not much of a surprise that they can only really sound like themselves as Divine Fits, their new band with drummer Sam Brown. The Britt songs sound like Spoon; the Dan songs sound like Handsome Furs, and the reason it fits together is mainly because their aesthetics are complementary – they dress up a similar sexy, hyper-masculine character in different forms of studio gloss and caustic wit. “Would That Not Be Nice,” the only track on the record credited to all three members, is also the number that sounds most like Spoon, with its rumbling funk and liberal use of processing on Britt’s vocal. I really like the sound of that effect here – it kinda swallows up parts of his lines, blurring his meaning and sharpening his delivery. The slapback sounds like a literal slap back at points, which suits the performance rather well: There’s a touch of affection in Britt’s words, but it’s mostly a bit caddish, as he’s working to seduce a woman he seems to resent and fear. But as much as she’s “destructive, alien and deranged,” that clearly turns him on.

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