August 20th, 2012 7:42am

A More Pure And Innocent Place

She Does Is Magic “Sing With Me”

A lot of guys write sweet songs about girls, but not everyone can sell it. Chad Serhal, the singer and guitarist for She Does Is Magic, is quite good at it – his voice has a handsome richness, but it’s not slick and studied, like a guy who is obsessed with his own sexual power. There is warmth and wear in his tone and phrasing – at some points he sounds like a more polished version of Lee Ranaldo. He just sounds like a good dude with a kind heart, and that extends to the sound of his guitar, which on this song, alternate between Strokes-y rhythms and pretty lead lines that, if rendered in light, would kinda sparkle softly in the air. This is summer love music, gently easing into the fall with a vague fear that the magic may soon fizzle out.

Visit the She Does Is Magic page on Bandcamp.

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