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The celebration of the 10th anniversary of this site continues on with this collection of the best and most notable music of 2004. As I was immersed in this music, I noticed that most everything here has a very clean sound and a vibrant, super-saturated tone. At the time, the site was bright yellow with a rainbow logo, which makes perfect sense for that period – everything just seemed very colorful. This set features a great deal of amazing songs by underground pop acts who basically bubbled up and then disappeared – one hit wonders from an an alternate universe. Keep this in mind if you listen to a version of this on Spotify or Rdio – a very large chunk of this set will not be available on those platforms.

The survey mixes for 2002, 2003, 2010 and 2011 are still up. Check in on May 1st for a look back on 2005.

Download Disc 1

Scissor Sisters “Laura” / Kelly Clarkson “Since U Been Gone” / Rilo Kiley “Portions For Foxes” / Charlotte Hatherley “Kim Wilde” / Girls Aloud “Love Machine” / Usher featuring Lil Jon and Ludacris “Yeah!” / Kanye West “School Spirit” / Fiona Apple “Red, Red, Red” (Demo) / Maxi Geil & Playcolt “A Message to My Audience” / Ghostface Killah “Tooken Back” / Belle & Sebastian “Your Cover’s Blown” / Justus Kohncke featuring Meloboy “Frei/Hot Love” / Stazi “Love Is Lethal” / McLusky “She Will Only Bring You Happiness” / Alicia Keys “You Don’t Know My Name (Reggae Mix)” / Phoenix “If It’s Not With You” / Eamon “Fuck It (I Don’t Want You Back)” / Johnny Boy “You Are the Generation That Bought More Shoes and You Get What You Deserve” / The Concretes “Diana Ross” / Feist “Mushaboom” (Demo)

Download Disc 2

U2 “Vertigo” / Interpol “Evil” / David Wrench “World War IV” / Mousse T “Is It Cos I’m Cool?” / Madvillain “Money Folder” / Junesex “Gets Close to Mine” / Love Is All “Make Out Fall Out Make Up” / Of Montreal “Vegan In Furs” / Alan Braxe and Fred Falke “Rubicon” / Hot Chip “Bad Luck” / Estelle “1980” / Cam’Ron “Get Down” / Snoop Dogg “Drop It Like It’s Hot” / Dani Siciliano “Walk the Line” / Lady Sovereign “Ch Ching” / Junior Boys “High Come Down” / Method Man and Ghostface Killah “Afterparty” / Cut Copy “Saturdays” / The Go! Team “Ladyflash” / United State of Electronica “La Discoteca”

Download Disc 3

Wilco “Spiders (Kidsmoke)” / LCD Soundsystem “Movement” / Saul Williams “Grippo” / Dizzee Rascal “Stand Up Tall” / Death From Above 1979 “Blood On Your Hands” / !!! “Pardon My Freedom” / Tracy and the Plastics “Henrietta” / Heloise and the Savoir Faire Dancers “Odyle” / Gene Serene and John Downfall “Electric Dreams” / Morrissey “First of the Gang to Die” / Franz Ferdinand “Take Me Out” / X-Wife “Eno” / The Rogers Sisters “Freight Elevator” / Shrag “Punk Grammar” / Kelley Polar Quartet “The Rhythm Touch” / Superpitcher “The Long Way” / Frausdots “Soft Light” / Destroyer “It’s Gonna Take An Airplane”

Download Disc 4

Animal Collective “Who Could Win A Rabbit” / Joanna Newsom “Inflammatory Writ” / Pixies “Bam Thwock” / Courtney Love “But Julian, I’m A Little Bit Older Than You” / Hilary and Haylie Duff “Our Lips Are Sealed” / Dressy Bessy “The Things That You Say That You Do” / AC Newman “Secretarial” / Janet Jackson “Just A Little While” / Kylie Minogue “I Believe In You” / The Streets “Fit But You Know It” / Masta Killa, RZA and Ol’ Dirty Bastard “Old Man” / Avenue D featuring Cazwell “The Sex That I Need” / George Michael “Freek!” / Ciara featuring Ludacris “Oh” / TV on the Radio “The Wrong Way” / Air “Surfing on a Rocket” / Chungking “We Love You” / Flotation Toy Warning “Popstar Researching Oblivion” / Antibalas “Pay Back Africa” / Soulwax “NY Excuse”

Download Disc 5

Mouse on Mars “Mine Is In Yours” / Annie “Chewing Gum” / Armand Van Helden “Hear My Name” / Futon “Gay Boy” / M.I.A. “URAQT” / T.I. “Rubberband Man” / Nina Sky “Move Your Body” / JC Chasez “All Day Long I Dream About Sex” / The Killers “Mr. Brightside” / Les Savy Fav “The Sweat Descends” / Lolita Storm “Dancing with the Ibiza Dogs” / The Long Blondes “Giddy Stratospheres” / Bloc Party “She’s Hearing Voices” / Jason Forrest “10 Amazing Years” / Michael Dracula “Destroy Yourself (Twitch Optimo Mix)” / Sia “Breath Me (Four Tet Remix)” / Wiley “Problems” / R. Kelly “Happy People” / Twista featuring Jamie Foxx and Kanye West “Slow Jamz”

Download Disc 6

Arcade Fire “Wake Up” / The Walkmen “The Rat” / The Chap “Oozing Emotion” / Rework “Not Quite Like Any Other” / Au Revoir Simone “Through the Backyards of Our Neighbors” / R.E.M. “Electron Blue” / Jojo “Leave (Get Out)” / Christina Milian “Dip It Low” / Cocorosie “Butterscotch” / Devendra Banhart “Little Yellow Spider” / Sonic Youth “Unmade Bed” / Green Day “Jesus of Suburbia” / Ted Leo and the Pharmacists “Bleeding Powers” / Modest Mouse “Float On” / Big & Rich “Save A Horse (Ride A Cowboy)” / Baby “Free Los Angeles” / J-Kwon “Tipsy” / Björk “Who Is It” / Ryan Adams “Wonderwall” / Iron & Wine “Naked As We Came”

Download Disc 7

The Fiery Furnaces “Chris Michaels” / Nellie McKay “Ding Dong” / Elvis Costello “Monkey to Man” / Say Anything “Every Man Has A Molly” / Art Brut “Formed A Band” / Beats For Beginners “Kill All DJs” / Rachel Stevens “Some Girls” / Revl9n “Walking Machine” / Lil Wayne “Go DJ” / Gretchen Wilson “Redneck Woman” / Loretta Lynn and Jack White “Portland, Oregon” / Guided By Voices “Everybody Thinks I’m A Raincloud (When I’m Not Looking)” / Komeda “Blossom (Got to Get It Out)” / Xiu Xiu “I Luv the Valley OH” / My Chemical Romance “Helena (So Long and Goodnight)” / Clinic “Falstaff” / Nimbus Coleman “Who is the Governess?” / Klang “Help Is On the Way” / Stereolab “Margerine Rock” / Blood on the Wall “On My Mouth” / I Hate You When You’re Pregnant “There Is Stuff in This World”

Download Disc 8

Gwen Stefani “What You Waiting For?” / Erlend Øye “The Black Keys Work” / Bollywood Freaks “Don’t Stop Til You Get to Bollywood” / Dred Prez “Hell Yeah (Pimp the System)” / Prince “Cinnamon Girl” / Dungen “Panda” / Squarepusher “Iambic 9 Poetry” / Regina Spektor “Us” / The Futureheads “Hounds of Love” / Ashlee Simpson “La La” / Mia. “Heroes” / Pet “No Yes No” / Interational Pony “My Mouth (Phony the Punk)” / Slum Village featuring Kanye West and John Legend “Selfish” / Mannie Fresh “Conversation” / Devin the Dude “Briarpatch” / Norah Jones “What Am I to You?” / Sufjan Stevens “The Dress Looks Nice on You” / PJ Harvey “The Desperate Kingdom of Love”

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