January 11th, 2012 6:42am

Interrobang What’chu Saying

Sleeper Agent “Proper Taste”

Sleeper Agent aren’t exactly ground-breakers, but they’re exceptionally good with dynamics, so their straightforward rockers have a charm and charge that’s lacking in a shocking number of their peers. This is especially true with regards to the chemistry and interplay between co-vocalists Alex Kandel and Tony Smith, who key into different but complementary styles of being a rock badass. While Smith navigates the aesthetic ground between Jack White and Neil Hagerty, Kandel is more Joan Jett – a bit cool, aloof and biting, but outgoing and aggressive enough to avoid receding into the track. “Proper Taste” is one of their most thrilling numbers, with the two spitting lines at each other over breakneck pre-chorus before joining for a big sing-along that opens with “call me pumpkin, carve me out,” a line that I find incredibly appealing though I’m not really sure why.

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