October 5th, 2009 9:09am

No Pause No Commas

Stakk Money “Dorkin'”

Would so many kids be willing to embrace nerdiness — at least on a superficial level — if “brain” was not a slang term for blowjobs? Who knows, but I love it. “Dorkin'” is about dancing and receiving oral sex, but it feels genuinely dorky. Part of that comes from the unapologetic poppiness of the track, but it is mostly conveyed by the vocal style, which comes off like a grinning, not-quite-wholesome version of the Clipse. When Stakk Money says “I get so much brain it don’t even make sense” in the chorus, he actually sounds a tiny bit surprised by his good fortune. Normally this would just be empty bragging from an overprivileged alpha male, and it still basically is, but something about this guy makes me think “Wow, good for you, kid!”

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A*Wall and Mi$Z Demi “Creative Recc”

This may be a case of writing what you know. Mi$Z spends the entire track discussing her fashion aesthetic, and the ways her over-the-top cuteness and style influence the men and women in her social circles. It’s adorable. My favorite bit is when she boasts that she’s the reason trends begin, which feels so charming and honest. She may have a lot of reasons to be fashion-forward, but the one that comes through loud and clear in that moment is the desire for validation from her peers for her creativity and personality on her own terms.

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