February 5th, 2009 9:39am

Do You Hear Me Looking?

Thieves Like Us “Drugs In My Body”

“Drugs In My Body” sounds very young to me. Some of that comes through in the voice, which delivers a slightly impatient sing-song melody with a soft, boyish tone. The rest of it is in the wired thump of the arrangement, and the way it alternates between a restless though graceful groove, and just bouncing in place. The songs comes off like a young man’s earliest experiences with nightlife. He’s been at it just long enough to feel like he knows the rules, but he’s still sorta clueless in his pursuit of a girl, and ends up spending most of his time just wandering around, taking drugs, and distracting himself from whatever is on his mind. The music is effective mainly because it so perfectly captures our protagonist at a halfway point in his mind, right at the intersection of self-induced oblivion, and the awareness of what he’s doing, and what he’s trying to escape.

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