November 4th, 2005 4:24pm

We Hardly Saw A Spark

Kapow! “Make You Mine” – Unfortunately, I will not be seeing the Fiery Furnaces show at North Six this weekend due to a scheduling conflict. This isn’t such a big deal in terms of the Furnaces – I’ve seen them several times now, and will see them again before too long – but it’s disappointing in that I will miss the proper debut of former Furnace Toshi Yano’s new band, Kapow! Yano has a knack for ’60s style pop rock, and though that genre’s been strip-mined by a few generations of indie rockers by now, he manages to keep his songs sounding fresh, vibrant, and lacking that icky retro aftertaste. (Click here to buy it from Kapow!)

The Mendoza Line “Golden Boy (Torture in the Shed)” – This is a perfect song for Shannon McArdle’s voice – the guitars seem like a wall of fire, the drums feel urgent but strangely still, and the lyrics about oppression and stifled desire are ideal for a singer who so easily communicates simmering passion and quiet grace. (Click here to pre-order it from Misra.)

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