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See? Dreams can come true….

From BobandDavid.com:

Mr. Show DVD Curse Foiled!

Mr. Show seasons 1 and 2 will be released on DVD on June 11, 2002! The evil mummy whose tomb David desecrated with urine (not his own) who then cursed Mr. Show to “an eternity of banishment in the limbo of limbos…” was reported to be irate at the news. However, when he heard about the “extras” featuring cast members, writers and celebrities like Kedzie Matthews, Jeanette Dunwoody, and D’uberville L’avignon (Bob and David’s acting coach) doing audio commentary, he changed his tune. The Mummy’s previous tune was “Jackie Blue” by the Ozark Mountain Daredevils.



I’ve been wondering if I am the only person who has been noticing the Christian lyrical themes in Clinic’s new record Walking With Thee. Now, nevermind that the title very obviously refers to God (or that the title track was originally titled “The Nuns”)… let’s just note some of the decipherable lyrics that pop up throughout the LP…

“bless them on their sins and all go home” – refrain from “Mr. Moonlight”

“snug as bugs inside your love, come into our room/ now oh now the winter glows/ it’s wonderful, no, it’s wonderful with you” – from “Come Into Our Room” – it’s very vague, but it seems like an invocation of the Holy Spirit or Jesus Christ…

“I believe in harmony/ I believe in Christmas eve/ free for all your happiness/ and no one’s living on their wits/ one so kind and one so wise/ one so kind throughout your life/ fill yourself with dreams/ come fill yourself with dreams”“Harmony”

“sunshine boy, the endless joy…/and Christ, our Christ/ all in their rows/ Christ, they’re in their rows/ come and watch and lap it up/ Christ, they’re in their rows/ inward and outward, come our love/ inward and outward, now it’s safe and warm/ and wonderful/ you’re all made up for the wars…/some don’t master, master come come again”“For The Wars”

That last one is so odd – for most of the time I knew this song, I thought of ‘you’re all made up for the wars’ to be referring to, well, make-up and nice clothing. But it seems to be saying that Jesus Christ and possibly by extension other religious figures to be ‘made up for the wars’, ie purely fictional excuses for violence. All of these lyrics, all of this music, this band in general – it’s all so vague and mysterious, and that’s part of why it’s so great. I don’t know quite what to make of the lyrics that can be understood on this record. It can sound and feel very spiritual and religious, but I can’t really draw any conclusions on how it relates to Christianity, though it’s clearly a big part of the album. I don’t know if I really want to know…

I’ll say this: if anyone, even Malkmus, puts out a record better than Walking With Thee this year, it will be quite an achievement.

Oh, and Jenny completely rocks.


Alright… I don’t know who the girl who sings “Extensive Care” by Crossover is , but this woman – she has the sexiest voice in the world, I am sure of this.

I can’t even describe why it is so sexy – it’s something in her intonation, her annunciation, her tonality, the way she sounds alternately bored, flirtatious, confident, silly, and as though she’s trying to change someone’s mind about something or other. She’s so convincing – she must be totally unstoppable in real life. …and when she sorta giggles when she says the line “…and tickled pink” – oh man! You just can’t get cuter than that.

I want a girlfriend who is exactly like this girl’s voice, or at least has a voice like hers. Please?


Ah, a nice day.

I bought a whole bunch of comics – I’ll comment on them a bit later, probably tomorrow. Several of them haven’t been read yet… Quite a diverse batch this week, as nearly all of my geeky superhero comics came out (Grant Morrison’s New X-Men, Mark Millar’s Ultimate X-Men and The Ultimates) plus I picked up a Spider-Man comic that Darwyn Cooke wrote and drew, just cos I love Darwyn Cooke.

I also picked up My New Fighting Technique Is Unstoppable because I loved …Filing Technique and Get Yur War On so much – I read a bit of it on the train ride home, and it’s funny, but not quite as good as those two. Which is fine, cos this came first, and the fact that the newer stuff better is a good sign for David Rees’ development as a fucking genius.

My package from Drawn & Quarterly arrived today too – I Never Liked You by Chester Brown, Clyde Fans pt 1 by Seth, Hundreds of Feet Below Daylight by James Sturm, and an issue of Nowhere by Debbie Drechler – all look quite good, but I haven’t cracked any of them open just yet.

Mmmm – of course, cos they are free, I got the new issues of The Onion, Village Voice, and Shout. Well, I’d probably buy The Onion print edition if it wasn’t free, just cos I like it so much, but this issue doesn’t really have anything particularly great in it.


My baby, she’s got baby eyes, my baby, she’s got those baby eyes…

I’ve been listening to “Baby Eyes” by Pyramids of Giza on repeat for about 15 minutes now – meaning, I’ve listened to it about eleven times and counting. It’s just so mesmerizing – the chanted hook, mixed with the staccato verses, the odd churning guitars which make me feel a bit seasick…. wow. Of course, this is by the same people who gave us the little slice of pop genius that is “Experimental Fashion” by Banjo-V….

These guys are so fantastic – they need to get famous, and quick. As it is, it’s a bit like having my own personal miniature Pavement circa Westing…


Oooh! A new Tom Scharpling compilation cd is being released…

from the site:

Culled from broadcasts of THE BEST SHOW ON WFMU (91.1 FM Jersey City, NJ), CHAIN FIGHTS, BEER BUSTS AND SERVICE WITH A GRIN shows BEST SHOW host Tom Scharpling and Jon Wurster –the man on the other end of the phone for these “interviews”– at their outrageous best.

Disc One:

1. The Music Scholar

A simple call from a listener chastising Tom for playing a Rolling Stones record leads to a fascinating peek inside the mind of “the coolest guy ever.” Charles R. Martin saw the Beatles at age six, the Stooges at ten, attended the legendary 1973 Rock Writer’s Conference in Memphis at age 15, moved to NYC in ’74 to bask in the CBGB/Max’s scene, and became a much-feared record store proprietor in the early ’80s. He eventually tired of rock, choosing to listen to soundless ‘air mixes’ for the next decade. A chance encounter with modern rock radio has given him a new lease on life.

2. The Gorch

Tom interviews 63-year-old greaser Roland “The Gorch” Gorchnick about his new book The Real-Life Fonzie’s Guide To Real-Life. Listen in as the Gorch gives the behind-the-scenes stories of how he inspired the show Happy Days, reminisces about life with his old gang the Deacons in 1950’s-era York, PA (“We beat up a baseball game once”) and dispenses the kind of advice that only a man who was once voted “America’s Most Violent Hoodlum” can (“Women love to get yelled at”).

3. Mike Healy (Part One)

An offhand comment about pregnancies lands Tom in hot water with caller Healy who can best be described as “the least-forgiving man on planet Earth.”

Disc Two:

1. Citizens For A True Democracy

Maurice Kern, CEO of Kern Pharmaceuticals and chairman of Citizens For A True Democracy, enlightens Tom and his listeners on such diverse topics as the 2000 election disaster, how to deal with protesters, capital punishment, cocaine and the fact that his friend President Bush is out to help everybody, “even those of us who earn in the octuple digit area.”

2. Radio Hut

Tom gets saddled with a call from a desperate electronics salesman who tries his best to mail him the latest Radio Hut catalog. The salesman, Jeff Cooper, then pushes such “high quality merchandise” from Radio Hut’s POT-80 (“pride of the eighties”) line as the Porta-Ghetto and Jukebox Fever.

3. Mike Healy (Part Two)

The Scharpling/Healy confrontation heats up and takes a very distressing turn.


File under: “These are a few of my favorite things…”

Jess was listening to “Price Yeah!” from Westing (By Musket and Sextant) by Pavement on Gilmore Girls. Nice. He was wearing a Punk Planet t-shirt, and gave Rory a copy of The Shaggs’ ‘Philosophy of the World’, which is pretty damn cool too. I’m rooting for ya, Jess. Rory will be yours eventually…

In other news: As I type this, Tom Scharpling is talking to the guy who was in charge of that Glutton Bowl thing that was on Fox. He’s discussing the merits of ‘competitive eating’ as a sport. So, so ridiculous.


Wow, kids still have foodfights? Poor choice of locale, though…

Are girls meaner than boys?

Stephin Merritt has the best press agent in music, I am sure of this.


I am very underwhelmed by the new Primal Scream track, “Miss Lucifer”. Which is a bit of a letdown, because “Bomb The Pentagon” and “Doors” are so great sounding. “Miss Lucifer” (which to be fair, the version linked here is an alternate version) is just kinda mediocre techno rock… nothing nearly as good as anything off of XTRMNTR.

Bad news about Primal Scream, by the way:

It seems they have neither a record label here in Britain, nor in America. According to Alan, everyone is scared to sign them and even Sony (who the band are contracted to release albums through for the next couple of albums) are scared of our Bobby and have to pass bad news on through Alan. Apparently, Astralwerks – who the primals were signed to in America for the release of ‘XTRMNTR’ – dropped the band 3 or 4 months ago. This was, Alan said, not due to the fact they have a song titled “Bomb The Pentagon”, but because ‘XTRMNTR’ only sold 25,000 copies in the states, which was not enough of an impact for Astralwerks to continue with. When Bobby was told of this he was said to have started laughing and then said (to quote Alan) “ah, I don’t want to deal with there anyway, I hate the place, I don’t ever wanna go back”.

No! I can deal with them not having a US label (I bought XTRMNTR on import loooooooooooong before it was out in the US), but the prospect of them never returning to the US to perform is heartbreaking for me, the show they played in NYC supporting XTRMNTR was one of the most amazingly intense sets I’ve ever seen. Aw, man.


Mm. Nice Michael Stipe interview transcript from CNN on Murmurs… I particularly like this bit:

I was looking for someone to start a band with, and Peter was the only person in Athens that would talk to me. I mean, I was very, very shy. He worked in a record store. He sat there all day with this kind of sneer on his face, kind of strumming on a guitar, and we struck up a conversation, and at one point talked about starting a band. I called him Richard for the first three months that we knew each other, and he never once corrected me. He never said “my name is not Richard, it’s Peter.”

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